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Robert T. Beezley has been a practicing attorney since graduating from law school in 1972. He attended both undergraduate and law school at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Upon entering private practice in Springfield, Missouri, he joined his father Theodore Beezley to form the firm of Beezley and Beezley, with an emphasis on handling personal injury and workers' compensation litigation, all on behalf of the injured.

Theodore Beezley was a pioneer in plaintiff's personal injury law, having been one of the Cofounders of the national organization known as the American Trial Lawyers Association, now known as the American Association for Justice. Robert Beezley has continued in that tradition, having served on committees within that organization and having served for the last twenty-five years as a Board of Governor of the state organization, the Missouri's Association of Trial Attorneys.

Robert Beezley's Law practice is confined to plaintiffs' personal injury, and claimant's workers' compensation, . He has participated in sixty jury and non-jury trials, both in state and federal courts. He has handled cases either by himself or in association with local counsel in twelve different states.

He has served as a regional attorney representing Vietnam Agent Orange victims in a national class action case against manufactures of the product used as a defoliant. Robert Beezley is a frequent speaker on a state and local level with respect to personal injury and workers' compensation law. He has authored numerous publications and articles for the Missouri Bar Association and the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys. He is a member of the Missouri Bar Association, the United States Court for Western District of Missouri, The Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, The Missouri Association for Justice, and the United States Court of Claims.

ln the area of vehicular personal injury, he has handled cases involving semi-truck wrecks, motorcycle accidents, and uninsured and under insured motorist litigation.

Robert Beezley is able to bring a diverse background to his ability to handle cases involving law and medicine. Between undergraduate and law school, Mr. Beezley served in the U.S. Army Reserves wherein be received extensive training in anatomy, physiology and hands on experience in assisting surgical cases. Over the years, he has been asked by many attorneys to help in interpreting medical records.


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